Dr. Kiper offers Silicone Orthotics for arch support.

Computer Analysis: Supinator 3 (pressure maps)

                                 Typical Supinator

             (more pressure on the outside)

(Notes on reading these images)

 Pressure Maps

Scale (Pounds/
Bare Foot Foot with Traditional Rigid Orthotic Foot with Silicone Dynamic Orthotic
Total Foot Area 28.4 Sq. Inches 22.5 Sq. Inches 31.6 Sq. Inches

The barefoot picture of this patient's right foot shows that he is carrying most of the weight and force towards the outside of his foot under metatarsals 3-5. His big toe joint and part of his 2nd metatarsal in blue is carrying very little. Now, with his own orthotic we see that it has caused a shift in weight and force to to the center under metatarsals 2-4. We do see a reduction in force and weight, but again blue under the big toe joint and the fifth. When fit with the SDO, we see a much better distribution of force and weight across the entire forefoot indicating a much higher degree of balance and alignment.

3 Dimensional Views are also available for this patient.