Dr. Kiper offers Silicone Orthotics for arch support.

Computer Analysis: Supinator 2 (pressure maps)

                                   EXTREME HIGH ARCH

(Notes on reading these images)

 Pressure Maps

Scale (Pounds/
Bare Foot Foot with Traditional Rigid Orthotic Foot with Silicone Dynamic Orthotic
Total Foot Area 20.4 Sq. Inches 18.5 Sq. Inches 28.5 Sq. Inches

The picture on the left is the bare right foot.  This foot is carrying most of its pressure and force under metatarsals 1-4.  The middle picture shows the patient wearing their own rigid orthotic.  Notice the improvement under the fourth metatarsal and notice how the load spreads under the 5th metatarsal as well.  However, this orthotic distorts the pressure under the second metatarsal and doesn't improve the first metatarsal as well as it should.  The picture on the right, with the patient wearing an SDO, reflects a clear, even distribution of force across all the metatarsal heads.

3 Dimensional Views are also available for this patient.