Dr. Kiper offers Silicone Orthotics for arch support.

 Pressure Maps

Pressure Scale (Pounds/Sq. Inch) Bare Foot Foot with Silicone Dynamic Orthotic
Total Foot Area 23.7 Sq. Inches 22.3 Sq. Inches

The picture on the left is barefoot. Note the scale of colors to the left. Low pressure is blue, high pressure is red. Notice how the patient's full foot makes contact with the mat. You can see some outline of the arch where the pressure gets even less (darker blue), but is still making contact with the sensors in the mat.

This patient was not wearing any other orthotics.

The picture to the right shows how the fluid moves in response to an axiom of physics "fluid moves to the area of least resistance and greatest need". Notice how the arch (with SDO) has increased in pressure (lighter blue), and at the same time reduced high pressure under the 3rd metatarsal. In this picture we also see that the SDO has dampened some heel pressure by preventing overpronation.

COMMENT:  It is common to think that the arch in a flat foot would push the fluid to the outside of the foot. The thinking being that the arch is too collapsed therefore pushing the fluid away. The error in this thinking is because the arch of the flat foot is actually weak (that's why it falls), it is the outside of the foot with higher pressure, thereby pushing the fluid into the "area of least resistance and greatest need" and supports the arch, correcting foot and musculo-skeletal alignment.

3 Dimensional Views are also available for this patient.