Foot Orthotics as a Health Benefit to the Population

Over-The-Counter Semi-rigid, specifically flexible orthotics are the best product in the market place for simple and inexpensive arch support. It is a "health benefit" to wear it, just like brushing and flossing your teeth.

Many people with bio-mechanical pain (foot, knees, hips and/or low back) try them, with some positive results, but most continue to have pain because these types of orthotics can only get you partly better, to get completely better you need a precise and proper fitting orthotic, and you need to be able to make the small changes that take place as the muscles become healthier and more flexible.

For the most part, with little exception they'll all fit in a sport shoe or bigger and some will fit in dressier shoes, maybe even a higher heel or loafer (not the best shoes to wear everyday).

Mostly, they're good products, because they can be worn with a degree of comfort, and comfort means less stress and strain.

But, some are better than others and only a few are "very" good. Generally speaking I like flexible support, the more flexible, the better because it comes closest to supporting the foot comfortably and matching the way it walks in an "optimal" position on the floor, that is healthy not only to the joints of the body, but the soft tissues too. It has a complete affect on our health to be able to walk and run free from pain.

So assuming most people can go out and find one that fits them, what makes it a health benefit?

The very nature of us getting older and every step we take adds up to wear and tear of our whole body. Most people think that orthotics (arch supports) are just to help people with foot, knee, hip or low back pain. I don't hear people talk about how it "might" help their neurological or vascular system or how about their mental attitude.

I for one think that walking comfortably is very important to mental attitude. I see it from every walk of life, rich and poor.

People have to deal with pain if they have it. And if they can't get better after running from one doc to another, I find a definite mental attitude.

Many go onto becoming chronic and spend thousands of dollars looking for something to completely heal them.. I talk to these people all the time and they have a definite mental attitude about why there‚s nothing in the marketplace that can get them "completely" better. Some homeopaths might even say (based on poor mental attitudes), that could cause chemical imbalances in your body, which in turn can affect the neurological and vascular systems as well.

To my way of thinking even the bio-mechanics of our body has an effect on the neurological and vascular system. By supporting and balancing the foot to the floor properly, everything is in better alignment and balance. That's not only the bones and the joints, but the soft tissues too.

The more precisely an orthotic fits, the better it is to your health.

The number of people who have a history of bio-mechanical pain secondary to neglect or inadequate treatment to their problems is wide and far

That‚s why orthotics are a health benefit. Everyone should wear a pair. Pain is NOT the issue, prevention is. Wearing a good inexpensive arch support early in life can slow down and minimize aches and pains of the future. I recommend this from as early as 8-10 years of age.

There is no sure fire way NOT to have problems, because we are all subject to wear and tear no matter what we do, but I for one would like to know I can do something helping the effects of getting older. At least those are better odds.