Dr. Kiper offers help for lower back pain with orthotics.

Low Back Pain

Lower Back pain can be helped with Orthotics.

While there are various factors contributing to low back pain e.g. congenital and injuries, I believe I have found something very interesting in my work with Silicone Dynamic Orthotics. The picture I see in my office most of the time is someone with a rotated hip (this technically is referred to as AS and PI Ileum. It describes the rotation of this part of the hip either anterior superior or posterior inferior in its position). This condition produces a short leg in function only (this is not an anatomical shortage).

Adjustments are an excellent choice of treatment, but without proper support, as soon as you get off the table and begin walking, the poor alignment which caused the functional shortage in the first place will begin to work against you.

Wearing supports will hold the adjustment for a longer period of time, reducing stress and strain. But this is not a correctable condition after you stop growing. The functional shortage will put a "tweek" into the sacro-iliac joint, which may revert to hip/low back pain.

The history of this onset begins from about the time you begin to walk, around one year of age.

As the pattern begins, the muscles on one side become dominant (most commonly on the same side as your dominant hand) and as they become stronger they rotate the hip (ileum) pulling the leg up higher into the hip socket (acetabulum) producing a "functional shortage".  Many people walk around with this condition for years before it becomes painful. Stretching exercises and a padded lift can be very helpful in reducing the pain.

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