Dr. Kiper offers Silicone Orthotics for arch support.

Listen to other patients...

Below are letters about orthotic relief received by Dr. Kiper from many of his patients, or letters received by other doctors who referred their patients to Dr. Kiper.

Dr. Kiper..thought I would check in with you. Sorry it has been so long. I have been wearing SDOs every single day to work. I wear a pair of Rockport walking shoes that are similar to walking shoes and my feet feel good during the day. THe neuromas on my feet still give me occaisonal pain..but at this time not enough to even consider surgery. I still have soreness after standing or walking for extended periods of time..but it seems to be better than several months ago.

I am also going to the gym 3-4 times a week and have been using the elliptical machine for up to 35 minutes each day. This is progress..as a few months ago I couldn't do much more than 20 minutes without my feet killing me.

The orthotics are working so well that I cannot imagine ever going back to another pair of orthotics. Also..it seems like it might be a good idea to keep one pair of SDOs in my work shoes, and the other in my gym shoes, That way they can both last longer. Being that I am only 32, I imagine one day these will wear out. How much do you charge for a 2nd pair of SDOs?

Hi Dr. Kiper,

I wanted to add my name to the long list of patients you have helped with your SDO's.

My heel pain began in 1994, and I have a cupboard full of rigid and semi rigid orthotics. Cortizone shots were no help whatsoever. I was very desperate when I contacted you in 2001.

You were honest from the get go by saying that a lengthy problem would take possibly years to heal. I appreciated that you weren't offering me a quick fix, as so many other podiatrists have done.

I have been wearing only your SDO's since then and the improvement is ongoing. I am not completely better, but I didn't expect to be - the point is that I am making progress for the first time.

Thank you so much for your honesty and your excellent product.


Glynne Turner

You most certainly may post my email. I have conversations with many people and so many people mention the benefit of custom othotics, but then I stop them to ask if they are silicon like mine:) I really enjoy talking to people when I find a product that makes a difference and I have referred your website to others. I would also like to know if you had any actual business cards that you could send me (maybe just a few).

Thanks, Keri

I've been continuing to have less pain, just to let you know I can work a 9 hour shift on my feet all day with either no pain at all, or just a brief amount of pain that eventually goes away (For example if I am sitting down for about 10 minutes, I get up and start to walk, my heels begin to hurt, but it eventually goes away). I know when I first wake up in the morning my heels used to hurt so much, but now the pain is still there, but it is less, and in about 5 minutes of walking around I'm fine. Should I be e-mailing you everyday or every week? It's basically been the same thing everyday now for the past month.

Thank you for your time. Yes, you may use me as a reference for your orthotic, it's the best I've ever used.

Ryan Evancio

Ten years ago, I had tried all of the conventional ways of relieving my heel pain, which was getting increasingly worse. Then I found your website, read about your SDOs, talked to you and ended up trying the SDOs. That first year I noticed that my heel pain was becoming less and less intense. Finally the pain disappeared altogether. To this day, I continue to wear your SDOs and remain pain free. It's been a great product for me!

Gerald M. Laures
Vice President-Finance Cobra Electronics Corporation

Hi dr. Kiper,

Just wanted to tell you that the SDO's are great. My feet do not hurt anymore since I've been wearing them. I'm not a runner but I do a lot of walking and cycling. The daily stretching seems to be a critical part of staying pain free as well. I've been diaganosed with runner's knee and jumpers knee... in addition to the plantar fasciitis, and am undergoing physiotherapy for my knee. I'm certain these orthotics are also helping to correct these conditions. Thanks so much for everything and your follow up as well. I've already reccomended SDO's to several people with similar problems. Thanks so much for helping to make me pain free.

Jenn Cofer

Hi Dr. Kiper:

First, a little update.  When I first contacted you about 15 months ago, I had been in severe pain pretty much for a number of years.  I had had three surgeries, and had tried everything imaginable.  I felt that a pain clinic and heavy duty narcotics was my only hope, and things like golf were pretty much out of the question.  While I still have chronic soreness and discomfort, particularly in the right foot, I am definitely better.  I still take vicodin before I play golf (have to ride a cart, but before your sdo's couldn't even do that), but that is mostly the only time I use such heavy med.  I've heard both pros and cons about exercise and stretching,  but whenever I've tried it even a little, I' m immediately so sore that I stop.  So, overall, I'm definitely better, and I thank you for that.  'course, I'd love to be even better, but I am really thankful I found you.  THANK YOU. What I meant to ask, can you suggest anything I should do?

David T. (via e-mail)

Hi Dr. Kiper,

Your worst nightmare has just come true.  Your most difficult customer is back.  Actually, I am also your most loyal customer, because your inserts have made all the difference in my activity.  Before, I could barely walk.  I now can stay on my feet all day long, and do whatever I want, including playing golf.  Anyway, that's the good news.  The bad news is that they are wearing out, and I think I need new ones.  How do I go about doing that.  Looking forward to your reply,

Your most grateful customer,
Ted D. (via e-mail)

Dr. Kiper,

I just called you about my orthotic.  You will be receiving it soon.  I would like to get it replaced as soon as possible as it is still under warranty.  All is going well with off-season training.  I am doing Nationals again this year and the Ironman in Clermont.  Running has improved to areas I never thought I would reach.  I am very excited about what the next few years performance may bring!!!  It would not be happening if it were not for these orthotics.  It is hard to believe but it is true.

Joshua L. (via e-mail)

Dr. Kiper,

Thanks for folloing up. The SDOs immediately made a big difference over the hard custom orthotics I was using--I could barely walk before. I wear the SDOs all day everyday

Ed F. (via e-mail)

Dr. Kiper,

I wanted to let you know that I was able to finish my National Championship race. Although I did poorly due to bad fitness, as I have not been able to run for two months; I was happy to be there and to be able to finish with out pain. It appears that things are "coming back" and possibly the orthotics are "kickin in" once again. I will know more as the weeks progress; but again, I wanted to express that if the problem is rectified this time then we will know for sure that the orthotics are the variable to credit, as they will have "fixed" the problem twice. It will also prove that my elimination of them was the culprit for the pain coming back. I am possitive at this point that this may very well be the scenario. Out of all the doctors (and other health proffessionals) that I have seen and talked to; your prescription appears to be the only one that it correct and or making the difference. Thank you.

Joshua L (via e-mail)

Dear Dr. Kiper

I have had my orthotics for a couple of weeks and seem to be having good luck with them. Today was the first day I used them for a three mile walk I take my dog on.  Usually by the end of the walk I have severe metatarsalgia.  Today none.

So far so good.
Carleene C. (via e-mail)

Just to let you know that I'm doing as well as I'd hoped w/the SDO's.  Have worn them 5 days now, every day all day.  Vaguely noticed mild arch fatigue on my right foot on the 4th day - otherwise no symptoms.  Love the springy energy my walking now has.  Have stopped wearing the Ace ankle brace, except when exercising.  Of course my plantar facsitis has not disappeared (yet), but I'm noticing less soreness in the morning; and my bunions are not acting up.  I'm still holding my breath about the bunions, as past experience is that the original mold has to be modified before I eliminate the bunion pain.  But perhaps not this time!

I am trying not to get carried away w/idealistic expectations but I definitely like these orthotics!  I have started giving friends w/foot problems your web address, and telling them my assessment that SDO's are to regular orthotics as contact lenses are to regular eyeglasses!

Thanks, Nancy (via e-mail)

Hi Doc, I started wearing my sdo's as full time as I can on Jan 30.  (Let me explain that).  My work shoes, standard 'cause I'm in the military, have a 1/12 inch heel, and I wasn't able to put the orthotic due to time factors, my mistake.  However, I only had 3 days of that shoe, and should be able to get a larger pair of flats as my old flats are too small.

I am able to wear them comfortably all day long.  After re-reading the instructions, I'm ready to start running in them.  Due to my misunderstanding, I have been running without them, and have exacerbated my plantar fascitis and have soreness on my in medial calf on same foot (right). Between this and motrin, this should resolve....I'm hoping.

Just wanted to let you know that I received them and have kinda jinxed myself initially, but should be back on track. 

Susan (via e-mail)

Dr. Kiper,

The new beefier prescription is reducing the daily pain but I have not progressed enough to be pain free during activity.  I have pursued the advice of a Cincinnati Podiatrist and am awaiting a scheduled MRI.  His initial feeling is that I may have a Fibroma.  I intend to stay with the SDO's as they are alleviating pain during normal non-exercising activity.  If there are any suggestions you have as to achieving pain free running, I'm all ears.

Bob D. (via e-mail)

PS:  Your phone calls are a heck of a value added service.


I cannot feel the lump unless I'm rolling my foot over a frozen H2O bottle (which I've stopped doing). I can't find it by palpation.

The podiatrist I saw in September for a cortisone injection said he felt something while inserting the needle.  He wasn't certain what it was but thought that it may be some sort of growth.  I only had one visit to that guy because post injection I felt no pain (I was leaving the following day for a 700 mile bike trip).

I saw this new guy last week that several of my triathlon buds recommended.  I told him about the lump and he checked it out.  His thoughts are that it may be a seriously inflamed bursa or something that's calcified or a growth of some sort.  He does not seem overly concerned.  He intimated that if I continue to improve, there wouldn't be a reason to sweat it but that I should get it checked out if recovery is slow and he can continue to find the lump (obviously, due to my previously discussed lack of patience, I want to get it checked out).

On a high note;  I ran 30 minutes last night almost completely pain free.

Bob (via e-mail)

Dear Dr.Kiper,

Thank you for your telephone call. We discussed the possibility of a functional shortage, and I do indeed have one on the left side. I guess this correlates with the discomfort being mostly in my right foot and knee. The SDO's have taken the pain completely away from my feet, but my right knee continues to be sore. Should we consider a lift under one of my SDO's and Formthotics?

Thanks again for your help.
Tom O. (via e-mail)

Dear Dr. Kiper,

This is my way of saying thank you. In the past I've had a lot of pain in my left foot....These silicon foot pads have greatly reduced my foot pain. You are a marvelous, reliable foot doctor, that listened to my foot problems. My few visits with you has paid off tremendously...I thank you for your time and patience. I will never forget you.

Sincerely Yours,
Enid F.

Dear Dr. Kiper,

It has been 5 months now that I've been wearing the Silicon Dynamic Orthotics and doing the prescribed exercises for my feet....On a pain scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the greatest, I was at about level 8 with difficulty walking, painful heel, ankle, hip and back. Now, with the inserts, the pain level is about 3.

With sincere appreciation. Thanks.
Clara C., RN, MA

Dear Dr. Kiper:

I had been in severe pain. Over the years, the pain just became worse and worse. And on many days I could barely walk. I even dreaded getting up in the morning because I would have to get on my feet! I was overweight at the time and I thought that's what was causing my feet to hurt. When you fitted me and told me that the weight didn't matter and that I would be free of pain within a few months, I was very skeptical.

Well, I'm happy to say that I was dead wrong. You were right on. After six weeks all the pain was gone. I still can't quite believe it. It's just been terrific. It has made an incredible difference in my life.

Thank you for the help. It was the best money I ever spent!

With appreciation,
Jim L.

Dr. Kiper

Just a few words to tell you how good my feet feel now that I am using the orthotic appliances which I obtained from you....My feet feel quite strong and I can walk and work quite satisfactorily when I am wearing them. In fact, I believe I have more strength.... I marvel at the flexibility and comfort of the appliances. Other people have showed me their plastic applicances and they don't look very flexible or comforable, compared to the silicone....I have also been able to wear a plain black pump, with a moderate heel, for dress, as long as I wear the lift in the heel of the left shoe. I can wear these pumps for a few hours and remain comfortable, as wearing the orthotic appliances the rest of the time has developed my feet into a much better shape.

Gladys D.

Dear Dr. Kiper

This letter is in regards to the special silicone orthodics you made for me back in January. For years I suffered from aching feet due to the fact that I am flat footed, but ever since you made these devices for me that problem is just a bad memory. They have helped me tremendously. I never expected so much relieve from the implants but I can honestly tell you they have taken all the pain and suffering way and even helped me with better posture. At twenty, I had trouble walking short distances, but now I can even jog for miles. I just can't express to you how thankful I am to you. You've been so prompt and alert with every one of my needs. Thank you once again and best of luck in your future.

Sincerely yours,
Marisela R.

Dear Doctor Kiper,

This letter is to inform you on how well the silicon orthotics are working. My heel spur pain is gone and I am running six miles a day without pain. I will run the L.A. Marathon in March of 1991 thanks to you and your silicon orthotics.

Please send me another set - check is enclosed. This confirms my phone order.

Sincerely yours
Verl L.

Dear Doctor Kiper,
Thanks to your orthotics I ran the L. A. Marathon. I finished the race in 3 hours and 50 minutes -- my best time ever! I will run the next L. A. Marathon again thanks to you!

Verl L.

Dear. Dr. Kiper,

Your new orthotics have been a miracle for me. Before using them my feet hurt all the time. They had gotten so bad that the only shoes I could wear were jogging shoes and my feet were still in pain.

As a teacher and an administrator I am on my feet and in front of the public a lot. It bothered me that I could not dress as smartly as I used to. Somehow, dresses do not look very good with jogging shoes.

As a wife and mother I felt bad because I couldn't do physical activities with my family. We are a very active group and spend a lot of time hiking, jogging, dancing, and skiing. My feet were preventing me from participating.

I tried conventional orthotics and they didn't help me. My feet still hurt and I couldn't wear sandals, dress shoes or engage in physical activities. In desperation I tried your orthotics and almost immediately I felt relief. I now wear dresses again because I can wear low heels and sandals. My leisure time is filled with physical activity and I feel like a new woman.

Cris S.

Dear Dr. P.

This is to thank you for the excellent care you have given me over the past two years, and to comment you and Dr. Kiper for recommending and fitting me for my orthotics. If you will remember, I was having a lot of trouble with painful callouses which kept developing on the area in the middle of the ball of my foot. You were able to cut the seeds out and scrape the callouses down, but they would inevitably return within a couple of months....At one point you recommended that I see Dr. Kiper for orthotics, but I was reluctant because of the expense. Finally, I decided to make an appointment, and those orthotics have been worth every penny. I began wearing them about a year and a half ago and haven't had a problem since then. An added bonus is that, while I am in a job that requires me to be on my feet most of the day conducting exercise classes, I have found my feet don't get as tired as they did before I got the orthotics....

Kathy B.

Dear Dr. Kiper:

I am writing to you to tell you how satisfied I am with the silicon dynamic orthotics you made for me feet. For the past 45 years I have been going to numerous doctors and orthopedic appliance establishments to see if they could help give me relief from my foot problems. Since you started working on my feet, I have had a great deal less pain and more comfort. I am very satisfied with your workmanship and would recomment you to any of my friends. Thank you again for your help.

George B.

Dear Dr. M.

A year ago, at the age of 48, I first visited your office complaining that pain in my left heel had dramatically affected my life. I was used to regular exercise, which I had terminated. Moreover, I experienced considerable difficulty whenever I first began to walk after a period of inactivity. I wanted to resume my active lifestyle, and move with confidence in my role as an educator.

During that initial consulatation your prescribed heel cups, regular stretching exercises, and some physical therapy. However, you also mentioned that an orthotic would provide greatest relief. These orthotics, though, were not covered by my HMO. For the next three months, I wore the heel cups, did some exercises occasionally, and went to physical therapy. I experienced minimal improvement.

After talking to friends at work who had worn orthotics for years, I decided that I would give them a try despite the cost. In July of 1991, I began wearing orthotics. My improvement was gradual over a period of many months. Now seven months later, I walk with assurance and confidence once again. Recently, I did not wear the orthotics one day to work, and my mobility was noticeably impaired. The principal of my school came up to me at lunch, and asked what was wrong with me. No one had asked me that in months.

Mary D.

Dear Dr. Kiper,

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing success the insoles that you fitted into my hiking boots turned out to be. I'll admit I had my doubts at first. They didn't look like much.

I took off for my seven-day backpacking trip armed with the new insoles, the "jelly" inserts and a pair of Dr. Scholls arch supports. I wore the new insoles the first day and was astonished that my feet didn't hurt. I wore them the rest of the trip. I didn't even get the usual blisters I've come to expect from my boots.

So thanks a million. You really did some magic. I just wanted you to know.


Dear Dr. P.:

To simply thank you for your referral to Dr. Dennis Kiper for silicon cushions would certainly not fully express what you have accomplished for me. First and foremost, I no longer require medication for pain, I can walk the entire day at work without severe swelling at the end of each day, the silicone cushions allow me to choose from a greater variety of fashions (discriminately chosen) and I sleep comfortably at night.

My only hope is that more people with my condition would know about this wonderful product, it certainly changes ones entire lifestyle and well being. It would be a godsend to have this product covered by my HMO.

Thank you and god bless you Dr. P. for you help.

Rose Ann P.

Dr. Kiper

This card is way overdue. I would like to thank you and Dr. M., because of you two, I qualify to run this April in the "Boston Marathon". This is like my Olympics. I'm also gonna do a training run at the L. A. Marathon next weekend...My feet feel great with my orthotics. I've had no problems and it's true I feel like I"m running on a water bed in my running shoes, I feel no more pain. I'll be thinking of you and Dr. M. with every step of those 26.2 miles next week -- but I'm going all out in Boston, I feel I really got my money worth.

I hope when I'm 80 or older I'll still be running.

Thanks again,
Mary C.


... I am so very pleased with these SDO's. They have been well worth the expense. My PF has not pained me for months! Wow, and to think I was considering surgery, when this was so easy and painless! I am very grateful for your SDO's!!! ... I would recommend these to anyone suffering from PF!


Dr. Kiper,

I just wanted to write you and let you know how I'm doing. Several months ago, you sent me an adjusted orthotic for my left foot. Since then, my shin splints have gradually diminished and now I have no shin pain. I'm able to run about 25 miles per week - that's twice what I used to do - pain free. I have to admit that I was very skeptical about SDO's. I had tried many things to alleviate my shin pain including strengthening exercises, special stretching, over-the-counter orthotics and prescription orthotics. Nothing has worked like the SDO's, and I'm very glad I took a chance and bought them. You have a very satisfied patient and customer.

Ross G.

Dr. Kiper,

My foot feels better all the time, I can tell you that it's 90% better. I still have aches, not real bad pain on days when I over do it, which is often. But when I get out of bed in the a.m., no pain, when I sit for a while and get up, no pain. This is all thanks to you and your SDO's. Let me ask you a question, since I wear them every day, when do they need to be replaced? Mine seem fine. I never see them except when I change them from one pair of shoes to another.

Tell me what you think of my progress, and all this in less than one year, very good ah?

Thanks again Dr. Kiper, you are a life saver.
Consuelo B.

Dr. Kiper,

This is in response to the second pair of orthotics I received, to see if I needed a fuller pair. They were a little too full compared to the original one's you had sent me. So, I'm sending them back, priority mail and keeping the first pair I received from you...

I am happy with them and I am able to continue running on a regular basis...

Thank you for aiding me with a terrific orthotic.

Paige W., Vista, CA (via e-mail)

Plantar fasciitis

Dr. Kiper,

I still love these...My feet are so much better since using your design. My Left foot (Multiple Sclerosis Leg/Foot) hasn't gone into any harsh "tone" since I started using your othosis. My spasiscity/spasms have lessened greatly. In fact I can't remember the last time I had a spasm fit in my legs.

(multiple sclerosis) Dr. in Manhantan always said that the afo's more than likely were irriating my nerves and that why I had so many spasms, and increased "tone". I never had these MS symptoms till I got the AFO's. Thank you for the relief.


Painful Bunions

Looking back, I am a whole lot better than a year ago when I first became pain free for most normal activities. I am hoping that this progress will continue. All in all, I am doing well and very happy to do almost everything that I want to do!!
More later.


From Richmond, VA

Plantar fasciitis

Since using these for the last 3 years I've not had one injury, I used to have several training for marathons and have had stress fractures too. Not one since.

Associate Athletic Director (UNC)

Plantar fasciitis

I really should accuse you of false advertising. You said not to expect a miracle. That was a lie because the results are nothing short of miraculous.

In your last e-mail on 11/2, you told me to switch L<>R. I did that day. Don't understand why, but they feel great. On 11/2, I still had some PF pain and struggled thru a 2 mile run just on a treadmill. Two weeks ago, I ran 10 miles and was disappointed when the run was over. This past Saturday, I ran 16.3 and still felt great. I haven?t been able to run 16 miles in over 18 years because of cramping (compartment syndrome) in my calves! At the 4 mile point, I started to feel some of the twinges in my calves that in years past would always have resulted in a torn gastroc and limping back home. This time I kept on running and it worked itself out!

Do we still have any fine tuning to do or do you think I?m there?

I'm sure some of my running buddies will be contacting you because I kept saying during the whole run, "I just love these orthotics."


plantar fasciitis



from Eau Claire, WI

plantar fasciitis

These orthotics are expensive, but I was desperate and agreed to try them for a while. They were the answer to my prayers. After about 30 days of constant wear (I mean everywhere except the shower and to bed!), my pain dissipated so I could begin my walking program again. I now own my second pair and am completely satisfied. I especially appreciated the follow-up by phone and email that Dr Kiper provided to assure satisfaction. He doesn't just sell you a nice pair of orthotics and then leave you to your own devices (no pun intended). Since they weigh only a few ounces each, they are extremely comfortable.


Dr. Kiper,

I must apologize for being such a terrible patient.

I received my orthotics and then failed to complete any of the walking tests or get back with you at all. The good new is, I failed to do this because I believed at the time that the initial fit was perfect. Three months later I now KNOW the fit was perfect and my problems have been COMPLETELY resolved. I no longer suffer from any of the pain or discomfort in my day to day activities or while I am actually running.


I would like to know what the procedure and cost would be for me to get a second set of orthotics strictly for use during my cross-country running. I have done some road work with the pair I have now and they are great, however I refuse to risk the only pair I have on some of the more extreme trails I subject my shoes to. If I am able to get a second pair of orthotics will Blue Cross and Blue Shield cover for their portion of the fee as they did for my initial set?


Dr. Kiper,

I was just thinking about you today! I have actually told about 4 patients about you in the last 2 weeks. We'll see how many of them actually call..... I was about to contact you to say that I'm nearly "cured" of the PF, although I'm still working on a non-surgical solution to my right bunionette


Dr. Kiper,

I do not want to sound like someone that just got on (or off) the Oral Roberts show and is 'healed'... but I must report some rather significant events...

I did the 50 pace walk... concentrating on left then right. The 'feeling' under this level of scrutiny is that I believe that the orthotics seem to cause my feet to 'aim' straight ahead better than my old orthotics ever did.

Accordingly, it 'feels' as if that the motion of the step ... from heel strike to toes flex has moved to an interior 'straight' line. Actual meaning is that it feels that the ball of my foot (behind the big toe) is actually on the same path as is indicated by the actual orientation of the entire leg and foot. Amazing sensation.

Within two days of wearing the SDO, the edema is completely dissapated. Such pain as I feel now is merely the 'soreness' of the 'new' muscles (now engaged in the activity of walking/flexing) at work.

I am hopeful that soon the muscle spasms/cramps that occur in my lower leg are also events that are dissapted into a not so fond memory of the past.