Dr. Kiper offers Silicone Orthotics for arch support.

 Foot Pressure Maps

Pressure Scale (Pounds/Sq. Inch) Bare Foot Foot with Traditional Rigid Orthotic Foot with Silicone Dynamic Orthotic
Foot - Arch pressure scale. Bare foot arch pressure. Foot with traditional orthotic. Foot with Silicone Dynamic Orthotic
Total Foot Area 28.6 Sq. Inches 27.2 Sq. Inches 33.0 Sq. Inches

The color scale (calibrated legend) indicates low pressure in blue and goes to high pressure in red.

The barefoot picture (maximally pronated) shows how this right foot is carrying most of the pressure towards the inside of the foot under metatarsals 1-3 with the highest force under metatarsal 3. The outside (mets 4-5) are in very light shades of green and blue indicating very low force, so that the balance (alignment) of this foot is a little like a teeter-totter.

The next picture is with the patient's traditional orthotic and you can see an improvement in reduction of force under metatrsals 1-3 and some improvement starting to show under met 4. The orange teardrop under the metatarsals is the edge of the patient's orthotic and is not to be confused with the metatarsal force.

The picture with the SDO shows not only reduction in force, but spreads the force out across the ball of the foot which is what an orthotic does in order to be more effective.

3 Dimensional Views are also available for this patient.