Dr. Kiper offers Silicone Orthotics for arch support.

Insurance Benefits

You need to ask your health insurance company the following questions to determine if orthotics are a covered benefit under your current insurance plan:

  • Are "custom functional foot orthotics" a benefit of my policy?

There are three possible answers:

    A) "Yes"
    B) "No"
    C) "Orthotics are subject to review based on medical necessity." (This means "Yes", provided your condition such as e.g. plantar fasciitis, is diagnosed. In addition a letter of medical necessity has to be written and submitted with the claim by the prescribing doctor.)

Two more important questions to ask:

  • Do I have to go to a doctor within my plan, or can I go to whomever I wish?
  • Is there any deductible with my plan, if so, how much have I met so far this year?